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Have a facial, it’s good for you

July 19, 2010

Oh thank you for allowing me to be an Aesthetician! (this goes out to those Goddess & Gods on high, observing & maybe toying a tad with us mortal playthings)

I’m so very thankful to be in this profession! Everyday, I turn my key, open my space and serve. Yes! Yes! Yes! Also, as I type this I realize how lucky I am and the world is I’m NOT a secretary responsible for taking a memo or a stenographer because OY! am I a hunt and pecker! Oh! yet another epiphany..thanks to blogging my typing will improve with frequency of postings of course.

Ahhh I digress..

I found this excerpt from an article I found online and wanted to share it:

A Facial: Its more than meets the eye

When someone says, “I just had a great facial,” most people think of expensive creams and glamorous services that cost a bundle. The hype of the beauty industry has most people believing that a facial is nothing more than a pampering indulgence for special occasions. That could not be further from the truth. The health benefits of a facial far outweigh the beauty benefits. In tandem, however, they produce the healthy glow we all want.

The major health benefits of regular facials are regulation of the immune system, detoxification, reduction in fluid build-up, exfoliation, and stress relief. These benefits are achieved in a facial that incorporates lymphatic drainage, exfoliation treatments, acupressure, and aromatherapy.

The lymphatic system plays a vital role in the body by regulating the immune system. The lymph system, which is carried through a colorless fluid, runs alongside the blood vessel system. When the lymphatic system becomes blocked, lymphatic fluid builds up and the entire system can become toxic. Lymphatic drainage uses specific movements to clear the blockages, which helps remove metabolic wastes and toxins through the lymph nodes situated around the face and neck. The waste that is filtered through the lymph nodes is then eliminated from the body. The results improve the appearance of the skin by reducing puffiness, rejuvenating collagen fibers, and slowing the aging process. A facial also has a calming effect on the nervous system that helps reduce stress and tension.

Exfoliation is a process in which the top layers of the skin are removed, so that the newer, younger cells may reach the surface. As we age, this “sloughing off’ process becomes slower and slower. As we have all heard, even the Great Smoky Mountains and surrounding areas, not to mention urban areas like Atlanta, Georgia, have a very high ozone rating. This smog rests on the skin, not only clogging pores, but also being absorbed into the skin’s cells. These toxins are going directly through the skin into our bloodstreams. Monthly facials and a weekly routine of exfoliation can keep the skin clean and smooth with an even skin tone. Discolorations fade and often disappear. The skin looks and acts more like young skin. By: Julie Pagano

I love it! What a wonderful reminder of a few of the benefits to regular facials. As in all things rituals reap results.

As always, more to come